Ekahau Mobile Survey


Ekahau Mobile Survey is an Android app that runs on phones and tablets, allowing you to see Wi-Fi from client perspective. It is a handy add-on to Ekahau Site Survey Pro users designed for simple and effective troubleshooting. Targeted for IT administrators and Wi-Fi engineers, Ekahau Mobile Survey serves three primary use cases:

  1. Troubleshoot the network on the spot
  2. Understand the network from a phone / tablet perspective
  3. Perform small-scale map-based site surveys to visualise network coverage

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Start troubleshooting in a matter of seconds, with easy-to-understand red / green indicators.

Access Point Finder

Mobile survey includes the industry’s fastest and most reliable AP finder. Just select the AP to locate!

Client side monitoring

Mobile Survey can be installed to run periodic Wi-Fi tests automatically, only alerting when network fails to meet your criteria.

Light-weight site surveys

Perform small-scale tablet or phone based walk-through surveys to ensure coverage from the mobile device perspective.

Ekahau Site Survey integration

For further Wi-Fi analysis and reporting, export the data to Ekahau Site Survey application.