LANCOM Advanced VPN Client 4 for Windows Released

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client 4 for Windows Released

Advanced VPN Client improvements 4.10 Rel Build 39753

New features
  • Biometric authentication
    (e.g. fingerprint- or face recognition) before VPN connection establishment. For protection against a VPN connection establishment by unauthorized third parties a biometric authentication has been added to the Advanced VPN Client. Immediately after pressing the “Connect” button in the client GUI there is a prompt for user authentication. The VPN connection is only established after a positive authentication. The Windows Hello functionality is required for biometric authentication, which is available as from Windows 8.1 or later.
  • Modernized client GUI
    The client GUI and the tray popup window which is started from the taskbar have been adopted to the current Windows 10 design.
  • Complete 64 bit implementation of the Advanced VPN Client
    As from this version, all components of the Advanced VPN Client are included in 64-bit versions.
  • New GUI for the credential provider, including the Hotspot authentication functionality.
    For establishing the VPN tunnel prior to the Windows user authentication, it is now possible to do a Hotspot authentication on a re-designed GUI.
Bug-fixes / improvements
  • Configuration of the VPN tunnel endpoint.
    Multiple VPN tunnel endpoints can now be configured using their domain names.
  • Optimization of the DPD functionality
  • FIPS-Inside
    When installing from scratch or changing an existing configuration the FIPS mode can be enabled or disabled from within the installation routine.
  • Display of IPv6 connection information
    IPv6 addresses are now displayed on the connection information page, too.
  • Enhancements within the Client Info Center
    A new section with driver information has been added to the Client Info Center. For Windows 10 operating systems, driver version- and build number are now additionally displayed.
  • Improvements of the Hotspot functionality
    The compatibility to Hotspot authentication pages has been extended.

Download the latest version of the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for Windows here.

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