LCOS LX 5.30 enhances the feature set of LANCOM Systems LW & LX series APs

LCOS LX 5.30 enhances the feature set of LANCOM Systems LW & LX series APs

For cutting-edge wireless applications

With LCOS LX 5.30 you upgrade your access points based on LCOS LX with new features.

For example, a new Bluetooth Low Energy interface (REST) enables the integration of the access point into systems for offering location-based services.

With the support of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB extension module, you can also now upgrade your access points for the implementation of Wireless ePaper applications.

The option of a cloud-managed hotspot, in which the LANCOM Management Cloud acts as a central hotspot portal, rounds off this LCOS LX version.

Find out more about LCOS LX here.

Feature Highlights

BLE API for the realization of innovative location-based services

Whether for indoor localization of patients in hospitals, evaluation of customer traffic in retail stores or asset tracking in the logistics sector: For all LANCOM access points with Bluetooth Low Energy Module (BLE), a new API interface (REST) is now available for the integration of location-based services. In cooperation with third-party providers, this enables the implementation of a wide range of location-based services (LBS) and innovative IoT applications.

LANCOM Wireless ePaper extension for your LX series access points

Now you can easily connect your existing LANCOM access points of the LX series to the Internet of Things (IoT), because with LCOS LX 5.30 your devices now support the extension module LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB Stick. With this your access points can easily be upgraded with Wireless ePaper functionality. An ideal solution for the subsequent implementation of Wireless ePaper applications such as digital room signage or wireless price labelling.

Cloud-managed Hotspot

Create a simple Wi-Fi hotspot with a few clicks – directly from the LMC. No additional gateway or WLAN controller with LANCOM Public Spot Option is required. Intuitive menus provide you with the opportunity to customize your hotspot welcome screen with your logo and corporate colors and integrate important information such as imprint and usage guidelines for your hotspot users. Afterwards you can assign the new hotspot to the respective location and it will be available to your visitors.

LCOS LX improvements 5.30

New features
  • Support for the cloud-managed Hotspot in combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • Wireless ePaper support (for the LX-640x series in combination with the LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB expansion module)
  • Support for the BLE REST API
  • Support for setting a Wi-Fi target transmission power
  • Support for packet capturing via WEBconfig
  • Support for remote syslog servers
  • The Wi-Fi multicast and broadcast transmission rates can now be configured
  • Automatic collection of diagnostic information in the event of a device crash
  • Wi-Fi driver update for increased stability and compatibility
  • Multiple NTP servers can now be configured simultaneously
  • Ping and traceroute commands are now available on the CLI


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