LCOS LX 6.10 enhances the feature set of LANCOM Systems LW, LX & OW series APs

LCOS LX 6.10 enhances the feature set of LANCOM Systems LW, LX & OW series APs

New highlight features for best Wi-Fi

LCOS LX 6.10 takes your wireless LAN infrastructure to a new level. Your LX-based access points will benefit from point-to-point capability, improved resilience and performance through LACP, and increased flexibility thanks to L2TPv3. In addition, LCOS LX 6.10 prepares your access points for LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0. The automated, self-learning optimization solution gives you the best WLAN experience.

Feature Highlights LCOS LX 6.10

Preparation for LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0

With the support of LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 (ARC 2.0), you radically simplify the optimization of your Wi-Fi networks. Based on computer-aided learning, the solution from the LANCOM Management Cloud uses real usage data to calculate the best configuration in each case to improve your wireless LAN. The result: Channel conflicts are resolved, external networks are taken into account, channel widths and transmission powers are automatically optimized, and available capacities are provided where they are needed based on the learned usage behavior.

Get to know more about ARC 2.0

Support for point-to-point connections thanks to Wireless Distribution System

Whenever Internet needs to be provided over longer distances or through obstacles such as walls and ceilings in entire office buildings, or legal requirements such as fire protection do not allow cabling, point-to-point connections are an ideal solution. The advantage is that complex or perhaps even impossible cabling through the entire premises is no longer necessary. With support of WDS (Wireless Distribution System), your LX-based access points can pass on Wi-Fi signals to other access points and thus supply even hard-to-reach places with fast Internet. The access points can be used both as Wi-Fi repeaters for connecting Wi-Fi clients or for connecting wired networks via a radio link.

LACP for double speed and security

The supported LACP (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) standard offers you enormous added value in terms of performance and reliability. LACP enables Ethernet connections to be bundled into a virtual unit. This means that the transmission speed of redundantly connected devices is combined and subsequently greatly increased. In addition, LACP allows redundant connections to be set up between the access point and the switch infrastructure, giving you double protection: if one physical line fails, data traffic will continue to be transmitted via the other line.

L2TPv3 – more flexibility for Wi-Fi managementspeed

With L2TPv3 (Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Version 3), LANs can be interconnected across network and sites. If you operate your network via the LANCOM Management Cloud, this opens up the possibility for you to couple the traffic of the access points into an L2TPv3 Ethernet tunnel and decouple it again at a central concentrator without the need for a separate WLAN controller.

Further features & improvements

New features
  • Client isolation prevents data traffic between Wi-Fi clients, for example for hotspot networks
  • Wi-Fi driver update enables increased stability and compatibility
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6E
  • Improvements & bug fixes


Note: The features and improvements specified here apply to all LX-based access points (except LW-500).


Release Notes LCOS LX 6.10

Reference Manual LCOS LX 6.10

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