LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0

LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0

Optimize Wi-Fi at the push of a button

Automated adjustment suggestions based on real usage data

Network administrators face the challenge of configuring wireless networks in such a way that availability and capacity are guaranteed at all times. Channel conflicts, incorrect transmitting power, or interference from third-party networks often lead to considerable losses in capacity.

LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 is the answer to increasingly complex networks coupled with increasing cost pressure and a shortage of IT specialists: The self-learning automation solution optimizes Wi-Fi installations on the basis of real usage data and minimizes the workload for IT administrators. As a true market first in Wi-Fi optimization, LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 is patent-pending and offers the best possible user experience for every scenario: from office, hotel, or hospital Wi-Fi to large-scale installations in stadiums and event arenas.

LANCOM ARC 2.0 in operation

In our techpaper you will learn all about the functionality and operation of LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0. This will give you a detailed overview of LANCOM’s unique Wi-Fi optimization solution and helpful hints for user-defined settings such as learning and prioritizing of access points.

Get to know mor about ARC 2.0

LCOS LX devices supported as of LCOS LX 6.10

  • LX-6500 / LX-6500E
  • LX-6400 / LX-6402
  • LX-6200 / LX-6200E
  • LW-600
  • OX-6400 / OX-6402
  • OW-600

LCOS devices supported as of LCOS 10.72

  • LN-1700B / LN-1702B
  • LN-1700 / LN-1702
  • LN-1700UE
  • LN-860 / LN-862
  • LN-830U
  • LN-830acn
  • LN-630acn
  • OAP-1700B / OAP-1702B
  • OAP-830 / OAP-822 / OAP-821
  • IAP-822 / IAP-821
  • 1780EW-4G+
  • 1790VAW
  • 1793VAW
  • 1800EFW


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