LCOS 10.80 Release Candidate 1 – More security for your SD-WAN gateways

LCOS 10.80 Release Candidate 1 – More security for your SD-WAN gateways

In addition to many new functions, LCOS 10.80 RC1 now also offers even more security with the best usability: Thanks to certificate creation via the free certification authority Let’s Encrypt, encrypted HTTPS connections for WEBconfig and the LANCOM Public Spot can now be set up in no time at all.

Feature Highlights LCOS 10.80RC1

Let’s Encrypt for WEBconfig and the LANCOM Public Spot

Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that offers free HTTPS certificates to standardize encrypted connections. WEBconfig and also the LANCOM Public Spot now support Let’s Encrypt. This means that free and trusted certificates can be created, integrated via the gateway, and automatically renewed with just a few one-time and simple steps.

Zero-touch rollout for cellular routers

With the support of Zero-touch, the setup of LANCOM cellular routers is now even easier and faster. Where previously manual configuration of the cellular access point was required, it is now sufficient to insert a PIN-free SIM card into the device. Zero-touch rollout enables an automatic connection to the Internet and subsequently to the LANCOM Management Cloud to retrieve the appropriate configuration of the gateway.

LANCOM vRouter available via Google Cloud
With LCOS 10.80 RC1, you can now operate the LANCOM vRouter on demand with the cloud computing provider Google Cloud. This means that in addition to Microsoft Azure, VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, and AWS, you can now also use Google Cloud to move your own infrastructure to the cloud. The LANCOM vRouter guarantees a secure connection and handles encrypted communication between your site and your virtualized infrastructure in the Google Cloud. Furthermore, the virtualization of headquarters is also possible: the vRouter in the Google Cloud simply replaces the central hardware gateway.

WEBconfig in new corporate design

If you manage your devices via the web browser, LANCOM provides you with a graphical user interface via WEBconfig, which is directly integrated into LCOS and from now on shines with a new coat of paint in a modern design and maximum clarity.

Further features & improvements

New features

  • LANCOM High Availability Clustering Option L for the 1900 series
  • Routers can record and store traces and Wireshark captures directly on a USB stick
  • Entries in the action table can be tested or executed by a CLI command


Download – LCOS 10.80 RC1

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Release Notes – LCOS 10.80 RC1

Reference Manual  Addendum – LCOS 10.80 RC1

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