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Indoor solutions

Wireless flexibility

Take advantage of the many benefits of wireless networks. WLAN infrastructures are quickly installed without any changes to the building, they are flexible, expandable and always offer a high level of mobility and convenience for the growing number of wireless devices. We offer a range of solutions for challenging scenarios.

Wireless solutions for more flexibility

Wireless LAN in companies

Wireless Internet access offers a range of advantages. Employees working with their laptops, tablets or smartphones can use the WLAN for full access to the company network—whether they are at the neighbouring colleague’s desk, in a conference room, or even in another building.

LANCOM Public Spot

Online. Anywhere, anytime. Preferably at no charge and with a minimum of effort. The Public Spot solutions from LANCOM fulfill this wish for your guests and, at the same time, they securely separate the guest network from your company’s network. What’s more, LANCOM solutions adapt perfectly to the size of your network—and your budget. An open interface makes it easy to integrate external systems without problem.

Wireless LAN in the hospitality industry

Professional hotspots for guests

Wireless LAN makes it easier than ever for hotel operators to offer their guests mobile and high-speed Internet. Quick and easy to install, Public Spot Wi-Fi solutions enable guests to use their own laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the Internet.

Wireless LAN and logistics

Real-time monitoring of inventories

Be it in retail or in the manufacturing trade: For companies to stay competitive, they have to be able to optimise their lead times and the flow of materials and goods. The professional solutions from LANCOM pave the way for a significant increase in efficiency.

Wireless LAN in healthcare facilities

Efficient healthcare facilities

Professional LANCOM IT infrastructures give your healthcare facility numerous advantages: More efficient therapies thanks to faster data access, more convenience for your patients, and faster internal communications. This saves you costs and gives you more time for what is really important—your patients.

However, WLAN devices can only be used in a medical environment if they comply with tightened standards. For example, you must be sure that their electromagnetic emissions do not interfere with medical equipment. Our high-performance LANCOM access points are approved for hospitals and other medical facilities according to EN 60 601-1-2.