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Hotspot solutions

Professional access for your visitors

Online. Anywhere, anytime. Preferably for free and with a minimum of effort. The Public Spot solutions from LANCOM fulfill this wish for your visitors and, at the same time, they securely separate the guest network from your company’s network. What’s more, LANCOM solutions adapt perfectly to the size of your network—and your budget. An open interface makes it easy to integrate external systems without problem.


Hotspots in hotels

Easy-to-use Internet access is taken for granted these days. Even on vacation or on business trips, your guests want to go online. But that’s not all: Since January 2015, a minimum requirement of two-star hotels in Germany and 14 other European countries is to offer Internet access in their public areas such as the lobby or bar. To earn three stars, Wi-Fi has to be available in the rooms. Hotspot solutions by LANCOM are secure, easy to use, and they come with an extensive range of features: For example, with the Smart Ticket feature, your guests receive their access data conveniently via SMS or e-mail—this saves your guests having to go to reception, and it saves work for your front-desk staff, who can get on with other tasks instead. And it gets even easier: In combination with a property management system (PMS) such as Micros Opera, Fidelio Suite8, or Protel, the LANCOM Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus option makes it easy and convenient for visitors to login to and pay for guest Internet access. The open interface structure makes it easy to connect to external hotspot providers and solutions.

Hotspots at events

Wherever large numbers of people come together in one place, the Wi-Fi needs to provide high-speed and reliable coverage. In concert halls, sports halls, stadiums or at music festivals, W-Fi coverage is a challenge you will master with the LANCOM hotspot solution. Even in environments with a high client density, this professional equipment guarantees maximum performance. What makes this possible is effective bandwidth management, for example by blocking websites that demand high bandwidths. This allows you to provide uniform bandwidths and ensure a fairer browsing experience for all of the users. The ideal solution for homogeneous Wi-Fi across high-density environments.

Hotspots on campsites

Vacationers at modern camping grounds expect the convenience of Internet access from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. Whether in a tent, a camper, or around the campfire, ubiquitously available Internet access is a real competitive advantage for camping ground operators. With the robust, weather-proof outdoor devices from LANCOM and the LANCOM Public Spot option, even demanding scenarios like these are implemented with ease. Thanks to solutions for point-to-point links and coverage across open spaces, this is achieved without the laborious and costly need to lay cables.

Hotspots at enterprises

At any company with a complex network structure, the flexibility and stability of Internet access is extremely important. Also, customers and visitors should be offered guest access that is securely separated from the internal network. With the devices and the Public Spot option from LANCOM, these scenarios are easy to implement. Companies can use a hotspot solution to give visitors Internet access on their own mobile devices (Bring Your Own Device) using a separate guest network, not only at the company main office but also at networked branch offices. Access to the company’s internal data is reserved for authorized employees only.

Hotspots in schools and universities

That students, school pupils, teachers and staff at modern schools and universities should make do without the Internet is unthinkable—they need it even at isolated buildings, preferably via Wi-Fi, and with their own end devices. LANCOM WLAN solutions make it easy to implement scenarios of this type. Thanks to the Content Filter option, you can protect your network against abuse by blocking certain categories of website, such as those with illegal content. This assists you with the responsible treatment of minors and students at the same time.

Hotspots from providers

Professional network infrastructures from LANCOM are the ideal basis for providers to implement reliable, high-performance hotspots for their customers. All the provider has to do is to use the application programming interface (API) included with the LANCOM Public Spot option to inter-connect their servers and the LANCOM infrastructure. The LANCOM Public Spot option features a hotspot gateway that gives customers direct access to the hotspot service. And yet the hotspot solution can do even more for providers: It facilitates an easy and centralized management of the entire infrastructure, for example. A range of interfaces is available for connecting to AAA systems, which enables provider-specific authentication and authorization at the hotspot, along with customizable billing options. A perfect symbiosis for the provision of wide-ranging Wi-Fi hotspots.

Hotspots in Restaurants

Providing a hotspot to guests at a modern restaurant or café significantly increases the appeal of any location. With the WLAN solutions from LANCOM, visitors benefit from a WLAN guest network in that they can make convenient use of the Internet with their mobile smartphones, tablet PCs or laptops—while being securely and completely separated from the internal administrative network. For a significant increase in efficiency in work processes, WLAN-enabled hand-held devices assist wait staff in taking orders, which are transmitted automatically to the checkout system. Needless to say, WLAN access for guests and for taking orders can be provided on the patio or outdoor areas of the restaurant by means of a robust LANCOM outdoor access point.

Application Scenario

Wireless LAN in the hospitality sector