LANCOM – Cloud – LANCOM Cloud Portfolio

A reliable premium portfolio

The LANCOM Management Cloud enables the management of the entire network infrastructure via just one system. This alone is exceptional by itself! However, the solution can do even more: With a simple firmware update, the full range of products – established for years and perfectly aligned – is made “Cloud-ready”. You even easily integrate already installed infrastructures into the management system – without replacing hardware. This way the solution provides you highest investment protection and maximum reliability for the future.

Gateways / Routers

For VDSL, ADSL, fiber, LTE / 4G

IPSec VPN site connectivity

Secure network virtualization by ARF

Access Points

For indoor, industrial, and outdoor use

Highspeed IEEE 802.11ac support

Wireless ePaper & iBeacon


Ethernet Switches

Managed switches with 10 to 52 ports

PoE power supply

Security and QoS functions