People Deserve Fiber

We at Genexis believe everyone deserves to be connected to fiber broadband at his or her home. With fiber to the home, people are able to fully participate in the rising digital era where online services and applications have become essential.

FIBER-TO-THE-HOME….we make it easy!

The lightbulb not only made life easier, it also revolutionized our way of living. We want to do the same for the fiber-to-the-home market. By closely working together with our customers we want to innovate and revolutionize how fiber broadband can be realized in the home.

By making it easy for service providers, installers and end-users, we enable fast and friendly fiber connectivity with the lowest cost of ownership and complete interoperability for every scenario.

We design, we develop, we deliver

We develop products and end-to-end solutions that match the needs of broadband service providers, operators and installers, and are designed to make end-users happy.

We deliver a complete portfolio of products for fiber broadband in the home, including DIY fiber terminators, optical network units, full service network devices, and WiFi enabled residential gateways and access points. All these products are manageable, support industry standards and are designed for sustainability.

Our product values

  • Ease of use (TCO) – As operator you want to deploy as easy and fast as possible. By pre-assembling certain products or products attachments, for example a pre-assembly of a protected fiber cable or a FiberTwist-FTU with pre-installed pigtails, you can shorten the expensive work of installers in the field. Resulting in more deployments per day, and therefore a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  • Flexible – No matter whether you are looking for a GPON, XGS-PON, Point-to-Point, or optical fiber patch through product, the we cover it all.
  • Open – We create products with true interoperability to ensure there is no vendor lock-in. We have an open policy, where we always try to support as many OLTs as possible using a common software image.
  • Local Support – Every country, every region, and even every network is different. In order to provide a complete solution, you need local knowledge and presence. Genexis has local offices in 7 countries in North-West Europe, with more countries to follow.