Genexis – Pulse EX600

Pulse EX600

Creating the ultimate WiFi experience

We have come to notice how important is it to have a qualitative and stable WiFi connection throughout the home at all times. This will only increase as more and more devices are becoming ‘smart’. This demand in quality and stability requires reliable WiFi products. Of course, there are many products out there and they are all called: range extender, repeater or mesh solution. But do they do the job? Do they work together? And do they help you as a network operator?

To deliver this quality WiFi experience now, and in the future, we have developed the Pulse: a multi-functional product. A product with easy onboarding of new access points, and a product focused on ease of use for the end-user but also ease of management for the operator and service provider.

Compact & sustainability combined

The Pulse is a compact and stylish product that blends into the home decoration. Making it the perfect device to be placed where internet connectivity is needed.

Our newest generation of the Pulse has also been designed with sustainability in mind, both in terms of energy efficiency, for example an ECO-mode setting, and in terms of the usage of recycled plastics. So, while you see a beautiful white product, in reality more than 40% of the plastics are recycled material.

Outstanding WiFi performance

The Pulse is designed to provide the end-user with the ultimate WiFi experience. Therefore the Pulse has Wi-Fi 6 and supports the WiFi EasyMesh™ standard. The benefit of an EasyMesh network, is that it truly creates one single network in a home.

Based on the WiFi needs of the end-user, you as operator have the possibility to deliver the WiFi product they need. Ensuring the end-user gets real connectivity throughout the home.

Modular 3-in-1 software

The Pulse is a multi-purpose device containing a modular 3-in-1 software. Meaning the Pulse is not only a wired or wireless extender, the Pulse can also function as a router.

The beauty is that the Pulse automatically detects in what function to run and adapts automatically. Meaning, that as an operator there is no longer the need for different types products with different onboarding processes for your customers. With the Pulse, only one type of device is needed to completely connect the home of the end-user.

Easy onboarding process

WiFi products do not work if the end-user cannot integrate them in their home network. To ensure this easy integration EasyTouch Pairing has been designed.

By simply connecting the Pulse with an Ethernet cable to your existing router (wired setup) or using the WPS button on both the Pulse and the existing router (wireless setup), the Pulse is automatically configured and ready. Greatly simplifying the onboarding process and increasing the WiFi experience of the end-user.

Ease of use for end-user AND operator

In our mind, ease of use is not only applicable for the end-user, but also for the operator. That is why the Pulse is built on open standards such as TR-069, TR-369 and TR-181. So you as an operator can manage the devices using standardized solutions. Meaning no vendor-lock in tactics, but a completely open access model.

Next to this we made it simple for the end-user by providing an intuitive user interface and mobile application with the same look and feel. This allows the end-user to easily access and change settings of the network.

Therefore, ease of use for us means, providing simplicity for the end-user and flexibility for the operator.

The final application

The Pulse Series can be perfectly combined with the FiberTwist Series or XG Series. Use the Pulse as a router and extender to create a WiFi EasyMesh network in the home.

Or combine the Pulse with the Pure Series if more LAN ports, CATV or FXS are needed. Use the Pulse as extender behind the router to create a WiFi EasyMeshTM network in the home.