Genexis – FiberTwist 6000

FiberTwist 6000

All-In-One fiber gateway 

Note this is a device requireing specific FiberTwist network termination. Please contact us for more specific information.

A traditional fiber internet deployment is a two-box solution, consisting of a network terminator (ONT/modem) and a separate gateway (router). However, there are multiple scenarios where a one-box solution is the better option. For instance at smaller homes and apartments where the fiber is terminated directly in the living area. A two-box solution would just add unnecessary complexity to the situation, for example: two different devices, more installation operations, more truck rolls). For these scenarios, the ideal solution is a gateway that can be directly connected to the fiber termination unit.

Therefore, Genexis introduces the FiberTwist 6000, the all-in-one fiber gateway supporting Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi EasyMesh™. Turning that fiber connection directly into a fiber experience via one device!

Perfect for landlords who own apartment buildings

Besides end-users, there are also landlords or building owners as customers. These landlords have many apartments in one building that need to be connected to the fiber. Thanks to the easy Do-It-Yourself concept, landlords can activate fiber themselves, without the need for an installer.

With the FiberTwist 6000 operators can provide a perfect hassle-free solution for landlords, increasing the customer base!

All-in-one fiber gateway for GPON and Point-to-Point

The term ‘all-in-one’ can mean many things. For the FiberTwist 6000 it means a network terminator for both GPON and Point-to-point, and a full-service router combined in one single device. Because end-user require different types of services, a full-service gateway offers no less than Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi EasyMesh™, 4 LAN ports, 2 voice ports and optional CATV connection.

This allows the operator the flexibility to have one single product for multiple different deployment scenarios. Saving in logistical cost and more important, being able to provide a perfect solution for many end-users who require different types of services.

Powerful network up to 5400 Mbps

The FiberTwist 6000 is a powerful Wi-Fi 6 gateway supporting the Wi-Fi EasyMesh™ standard. This means it creates one single network in the home, automatically synchronizing WiFi credentials such as network ID’s and passwords. Its dual band concurrent 2+4 antennas allow for network speeds up to 5400 Mbps.

In other words, you do not need to compromise for lower internet speeds because of the ‘all-in-one’ design. With the FiberTwist you can provide your end-users with a great design and great internet speeds – now and in the future.

Do-It-Yourself approach

The FiberTwist 6000 is designed with the same patented installation mechanism as all FiberTwist models. Via a simple twist end-users can install the gateway directly to the fiber themselves. No hassle, no hiccups but a 100% accurate installation.

This means that there is no need to send out expensive installers to activate the gateway, therefore decreasing the operational expenses. To make it even easier, the FiberTwist 6000 is compatible with all FiberTwist FTUs and brackets – so no need to replace existing deployments.

Easy to manage via CloudSight

The beauty is that after installation, the FiberTwist 6000 can be remotely provisioned, managed, and optimized by our management solution CloudSight. With CloudSight you can prevent network problems proactively instead of waiting for helpdesk calls. This enables easier and more efficient network operations and optimizes the fiber experience for your end-users.

The FiberTwist 6000 is built on open standards such as TR-069, TR-369 and TR-181. So you can also manage it using such standardized management solutions. This means no vendor-lock in, but a completely open access model.

The final application

The FiberTwist 6000 is perfect for homes and apartments where the fiber is terminated in the living area. Its powerful Wi-Fi 6 network is strong enough to cover a large area with Wi-Fi. If in any case it is still needed to extend the Wi-Fi,  easily connect a Pulse EX600 to reach every corner. This can be done both wired as well as wireless.